About Us

Desert Rivers Credit Union, formerly Grand County Credit Union, was established over 60 years ago to give our members less expensive access to loans and a better return on their savings. We continue that legacy by looking out for “people.” Not profit!

We have been serving our members since 1957.

We were organized by teachers of the Grand County School District. Since that time, the Board of Directors expanded our field of membership to include residents of Grand and San Juan counties and their immediate family members. We have calculated that our average member saves $200 per year when they switch from a bank. You too can become a member and take advantage of this savings.

Ten school teachers and administrators seeking access to fair credit and reasonable savings rates incorporated the Credit Union on January 15, 1957. The following are the incorporators and founders of our credit union.
Harold R. Barton
Fred H. Rost
Darrel Crawford
Donald L. Robinson
Frank W. Farnsworth
Clara B. Haner
Jennie W. McMullin
Helen Whitmore
Lynda Steele
Franklin K. Meadows

The application for incorporation was approved by Seth H. Young, the Utah State Bank Commissioner, on January 24, 1957.

Many of our current members may be related to some of the original founders. We owe them our gratitude for their foresight to start a credit union in Moab.

After researching the Moab Times Independent archive from 60 years ago in January of 1957, we read that Grand County was represented by George J. Burck in the state legislature. George Dewey Clyde was the new governor at the time. Both appear to be very motivated to what was best for the people of Grand County and the State of Utah.

There were a few of us around in 1957. What was it like back then?

The cost of a gallon of gas 24¢.
The average cost of a new house - $12,220
A new car cost $1,831 on average.
Per Capita Income was $2,017 in the United States.
Wham-O sold their first “Frisbee” in January 1957.
Russia put the first artificial satellite into space. Sputnik 1.
South Vietnam was attacked by Viet Cong Guerrillas. (That’s something we’ll want to stay out of).
Our President, Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered U.S. troops to desegregate Little Rock schools.
The Milwaukee Braves won the World Series in 1957 by beating the Yankee 4 games to 3. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.
It was the first year of “American Bandstand.”
Ford Motors introduced the Edsel which swiftly died
Top TV Show was “Gunsmoke”
It was the first year of the “Tonight Show” starring Jack Paar.
Donny Osmond was born…Humphrey Bogart died. Could Humphrey sing? Hmmm…
#1 song in 1957 was “All Shook Up” by Elvis Presley