Rewards VISA

Announcing the Desert Rivers Credit Union VISA credit card! Worldwide benefits with local service!


Open a new Desert Rivers VISA Credit Card before the end of the year and you’ll not only get a Reward VISA Credit Card with the low rate of just 9.9% APR but we’ll also give you $100 as an incentive and a big thank you. You’ll love our card’s features, the rewards and we’re pretty sure you’ll find a good use for the $100.

*Annual Percentage Rate OAC Membership and Eligibility Required.


Use your VISA Credit Card through the holidays and earn double points. Most of us spend more money on purchases during the holidays than we do the rest of the year combined. As an incentive to get you started using our card, we’re doubling the points for the two busiest months of the year. You’ll soon be most of the way to having enough reward points to get you traveling to some place warm and fun next year.

Not ALL Credit Cards are Created Equal

Desert Rivers Credit Union is introducing our new VISA Platinum Reward Credit Card. We designed the benefits of our Credit Card with our members in mind and we know you’ll find everything you need with our card.

Why is your credit union's card better?

  1. 9.49% APR. Our low fixed rate is for purchases and balance transfers.
  2. Low Fees. No annual fees, no cash advance fees, no balance transfer fees and NO HIDDEN FEES.
  3. 25 day grace period. If you pay off your balance each month, you’ll pay no interest.
  4. Zero fraud liability. No worries about fraud with our card. You’ll never be liable if someone steals your card or number and uses your card without your authorization.
  5. Reward Points. Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on a purchase. Use our card for all your purchases and you’ll soon have enough travel rewards to take the family on your next “dream vacation.”
  6. Finance Local. We believe that, whenever possible, it benefits us all to “buy local and finance local.” This is a win-win. The credit union offers a credit card and you get low rates, no fees, rewards and the additional benefit of having us in your neighborhood. Whenever you need assistance, call us directly or drop by one of our branches. No need to call India for “customer service.”
  7. Secure Lock – use this app to control your card. Turn your card on and off from you Smart Phone. Restrict usage from specific regions (e.g Russia, India, Florida).
  8. Apple, Android and Samsung Pay

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the best card in Southeastern Utah. Apply for your personal Desert Rivers CU Platinum Rewards Card and quickly find out why our employees use this card.