Team Member Spotlight – Jenibeth
Team Member Spotlight – Jenibeth

August, 2020 Spotlight

Jenibeth Jones

We’re happy to spotlight one of our favorite loan officers this month. Borrowing money from Jenibeth is a very nice experience for many of our members and even better if you know a few things about her.

Jenibeth has been in banking 11 years and will have been with Desert Rivers Credit Union for 4 years this December.

In addition to loaning money, Jenibeth enjoys fishing, likes yellow and her favorite sport is baseball.

Her favorite band is “Dashboard Confessional” but she says, “I am slightly obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. I even have a tattoo of the mask. The musical will never get old to me!”

She loves a good movie, especially all 9 episodes of Star Wars. Also, the Jurassic Park/World movies. She says, “I especially like ‘Jurassic World’ because I don’t mind looking at Chris Pratt. Anywhooo…”

She occasionally likes to read a simple and fun book such as the Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter.

Many of you may already now this, but she plays roller derby as her alter ego “JeniDeath.” She says, “It really is a blast – there’s a common saying in the roller derby community that is simply, ‘roller derby saved my soul.’ I think that is true! I put on a pair of skates about 8 years ago after my youngest was born and I haven’t looked back since.”



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